Strategies for Increasing Your Twitter Engagement





Every business knows that to reach out and engage a new market segment, they must get out into social media – especially Twitter. The major challenge with Twitter Engagement is how to get potential customers, or followers, to actually “follow” you.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind if you are looking to boost your Twitter Engagement:

- The current cliché that “content is king” is never more true than on social media, especially Twitter. Engage your potential followers with stimulating and vibrant content that is of interest to them. They will come back for more if you give them a reason to come back. Once they are around, then throw in a shameless plug or two, but the main focus is them – not you.

- Increasing Twitter Engagement means just that. Go out to where they are. Begin to open some dialogues with them. Comment on their most recent posts. Also, share and then do some re-tweeting. Doing so continues to get you out there in big way. In addition, get some polls going. Ask people what they their opinions on certain things. People love to tell others what they are thinking about concerning certain issues and topics. You never know what may end up going viral.

- The moderate and strategic use of hashtags, that little # symbol before a comment, can help you follow conversations better and can separate you from the crowd. You can also keep track of them in an effort to follow certain topics or speakers.

- Increase your Twitter Engagement by actually being a follower yourself. Find people in your local area, your line of business or interest, or those who represent your target demographic. Go to where everyone is and jump right in. Initiative is everything.

Social media marketing in general, Twitter Engagement in particular, can be a major challenge for anyone, but once you put some strategies together, you will begin to see some positive results for yourself, your business, or your organization.

-by Scott Meldrum

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